One Point Marker*Mini Alpacas- Sticky Notes* Korean Stationery*One package

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One Point Marker*Mini Alpacas- Mini Sticky Notes* Korean Stationery*One package

Use these mini sticky pads to add a touch of flair and creativity to your Stationary and office supplies arsenal. Not just for the office, you can use them for book marks, for sticky notes, your planner, decoration, or wherever you need a little bit of Cuteness with practicality. You will always be remembered for that little extra special touch when you use these for all your Stationary and paper crafting needs!

This listing is for 1 (one) package of 10 mini sticky notes. Each sticky note has 15 sheets.
150 sticky notes in total.

The approximate size of entire package is approximately 1.5 inches (Height) x 4.2 inches (Width).

or 10.5 by 3.7 cm

Approx. Measurement for each sticky is 3.5 (H) by 1 cm (W).

Please note that items in background are not included, but for display only.

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