Serenity Limited Edition Hanging Dried Floral Bouquet

Laura Rhodes Naturals


Welcome, Serenity. A mixture of various dried herbs and flowers. A lovely addition to any home. Features calming colors with a touch of White, yellow, purple & Gray Blue. Limited Edition.

Wonderful natural decor for your living room for a nice year 'round decoration.

Each hanging bouquet is different, and not exactly the same, but will be beautiful none the less.

Your choice of small or medium bouquets. Single: Small or Med or Set of 3 of small Bouquets.
Small Measures approximately 7 to 9 inches tall and 4 to 5 inches wide.
Medium Measures approx. 12-14 inches tall and 5 - 6 inches wide. Stems wrapped in jute with burlap and coordinating lace accent ribbon and has jute loop in back for hanging.

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