Small Bouquet*Home Decor*Herbal Dried Floral Ornament-Autumn Vintage Farmhouse Decoration*Single with Herb Drying Hanging rack

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This listing is for one Small hanging dried floral ornament/bouquet and jute wrapped and embellished herb drying/hanging rack.

These miniature bouquets and herbal racks are Made to Order.
Pictured is a sample of Vintage Farmhouse Autumn theme.

Dried Muted Pastel flowers and botanicals in mauves, purples, blues, yellows, dried lavender and more in a mini bundle tied with jute and a loop jute hanger and herbal hanging rack. Delicately made with care for your home decor enjoyment and love of nature and its beauty.

No two sets are exactly alike as I make them to order and with materials I have that is available.

Please note: Each bouquet is made with materials I have on hand and will not necessarily be an exact duplicate of the items pictured. It will contain elements, materials, and colors similar to the pictures. Each one is made with loving care and creativity, to be a special addition to your home.
Each bouquet is different, and not exactly the same, but will be beautiful none the less.

Bouquet Measures 6-8 inches tall and approx. 3-5 inches wide.

Rack measures approx. 11 inches wide and 7 inches tall.

Please note: I now wrap the bottom of the rack in burlap instead of jute which is not reflected in the picture, but is equally as beautiful.

Makes wonderful and amazing decor for your home hanging in your kitchen, bedroom or living room for a nice year 'round decoration.

Included in this listing is the jute wrapped and embellished herb drying/hanging rack which can be used to display your dried floral/herbs.


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