Victoria Dried Floral Herbal Bouquet

Laura Rhodes Naturals


Victorian Vintage Garden Decoration, Victoria

Pictured is "Victoria". This listing is for a single small dried floral herbal bouquet.
Made to order. These pictures depict a sample of Victorian Vintage Garden theme.

Dried Warm Pastels flower, herb and botanicals in neutral colors, mauves, pinks, yellows, dried wheat, dried lavender, purples, blues, whatever I have on hand, in a miniature bundle tied with jute and a loop jute hanger.

No two sets are exactly alike as I make them to order and with materials I have that is available.

Small Measures 6-9 inches tall and approx. 3-4 inches wide.

Medium Measures 12-14 in tall.

Makes an amazing vintage garden decoration hanging in your kitchen or living room for a nice year 'round decoration.

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