Kombucha Fermented Probiotic Tea Scoby Mother with Starter Tea Gallon Sized

Laura Rhodes Naturals


You will receive one Kombucha mother (scoby) large enough to make one gallon of Kombucha tea fermented beverage with starter tea, and PDF instructions to brew your own wonderfully wild, ancient and fermented drink. You supply the brewing container, black or green tea and cane sugar.

The Kombucha SCOBY will be grown in a culture of Green and Black Tea, Non GMO cane sugar and pure water.

{Scoby gallon round}

The Culture will be harvested fresh out of the new Kombucha the day it is shipped, is bagged and well packaged.

*Please note that bottles and jars pictured in listing pictures are not included, but are for suggested use only.*

For more information on Kombucha, its benefits, how to flavor it and what all you can use it for, please go to: LauraLynnRhodes.com and click Kombucha Tea tab.

Please note: Those on medications, who have a medical condition, pregnant or nursing should consult their medical practitioner on advice on using/comsuming Kombucha as it is a fermented beverage.

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