All Natural Handmade Orange Blossom Soap

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All Natural Handmade Orange Blossom Soap

This Hand cut and handmade All Natural soap with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients is made from cold pressed pure olive oil, coconut oil, safflower, water, ground chamomile, orange peel, essential oils, superfatted with Shea Butter and lye. Therefore, it is a vegan product because it does not include the addition of animal fats as some other soaps might.

3.5 oz Single Bar

Wonderful for getting back to basics. All natural, just like grandma's. Lathers nicely and gets your body squeaky clean.

Know you are using a natural product on your body which contributes to your health and well being as your skin absorbs everything into the bloodstream.

Use in your bath time ritual in conjunction with my herbal bath salts and Body Oil.

Not only for use in bathing...but can be used for cleaning around the house, good for poison ivy, and more!

Please note: Jars not included in listing, but for display purposes only.


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