Dried Herbs/Flowers in a small bunch single

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Dried Herbs/Flowers in a small bunch, Single bunch.

You will receive 1 single small bunch of the one you pick or if you want different ones, just choose custom and make a note in the notes section which herbs/flowers you would like. I'd be happy to make you a "Custom Blend" of herbs as well! Just let me know. I'd be happy to accommodate you. Bunches are approx. 6-9 inches tall.

Some of my offerings. Availability changes with season and what I have in stock.

Bee Balm Blooms Pink
✿Billy Balls-Yellow

✿Bleached Italian Ruscus
✿Bloom Broom-Various colors

✿Brunia Silver
✿Bunny Tails-Various Colors
✿Button Flowers-Various Colors
✿Caspia-Various colors
✿Cedar - Preserved
✿Celosia, White

Chocolate Mint
✿Cotton Blossom Stems

Coxcomb, Pink, Red, Buff
✿Decorative "Maiden Grass" Plums
✿Decorative Red Peppers
✿Eucalyptus Various
✿Ferns-Preserved Ming, Plumosus, Parchment, Rock, Tree
✿Globe Amaranth Purple, Light Pink, Med Pink, Lavender Pink
✿Globe Thistle-Blue
✿Hanging Amaranth-Red, Green
✿Hill Flowers Bleached
✿Italian Ruscus Bleached
✿Larkspur Pink, Purple, White
✿Lemon Balm

Lemon Mint
✿Lemon Salal Leaf Green, Bronze or Burgundy
✿Mini Cattails
✿Mini-Gyp-Various Colors
✿Nigella aka Love in a Mist
✿Orientalis Bleached
✿Peonies-Burgundy, Light Pink, Cream, Med. Pink
✿Phalaris- Various colors
✿Regular Mint

✿Dried Roses Various Colors
✿Paper Roses Various

✿Rice Flowers-White, Pink
✿Sea Oats
✿Seeded Amber Foliage-Green, Blackberry
✿Sesame Bloom-Various
✿Star Flowers- Various Colors
✿Statice Purple
✿Stoebe-Silver White, Lavender, Green
✿Sun Palms, White Washed
✿Sweet Annie
✿Thistle Eryngium Blue

✿Triticum Wheat Bleached
✿Yarrow Yellow, White Yarrow

Wild Mint
✿Winged Everlastings
✿Preserved Variety of Fall Leaves

Please note, this is for the dried floral/herbs only, and does not include any other items, as pictured, as they are for display purposes only. These are made to order items. Availability is based on season and if it is in stock.

They are packaged in a small bunch, tied with jute, and ready to hang.

For a complete picture gallery of dried herbs and florals please click HERE.

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