Dried Floral Hydrangea Wreath with botanicals

Laura Rhodes Naturals

Dried Floral Wreath featuring Dried Limelight Hydrangea (2023 harvest), Dried Sunflowers, Coxscomb, Yellow strawflowers, Safflower, and herbs. Beautiful Regular sized wreath is perfect for a gift for someone special or will add a bit of charm in your home decor this fall!

The Size: Approx. 18 inches diameter, 4 to 5 in deep.

Listing is for wreath only. Other items in pictures are for suggested use only.

Keep in mind this is a dried item, and fragile in nature. There will be a degree of shedding and it doesn't tolerate a bunch of fiddling with. It is recommended to keep it in a place of no extreme temperatures, not a lot of sunlight, not a lot of heat, and doesn't like moisture or humidity. Krylon Matte is a good product to spray on it for extra protection.

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