Hulled Amherst VA Whole Black Walnuts* 2020 Harvest * One Pound

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This listing is for one pound of hulled Black Walnuts still in the shell, ready for you to crack and use in a variety of ways...Delicious for eating as a snack, to baking, incorporating into recipes, sprinkling onto desserts, ice-cream, and more!

These 2020 harvest Black Walnuts come from local trees that have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals and have been hand hulled, cleaned, scrubbed, dried, and cured for several weeks.

Some Benefits of Black Walnuts:

Antiviral, Anti-parasitic, Antifungal, High Omega-3 Content

Some of the most important health benefits of black walnut includes its ability to improve heart health, reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, lower blood pressure, prevent certain types of cancer, provide antifungal protection, boost the immune system, regulate digestion, and treat a wide variety of skin conditions.

The Black Walnut is highly praised because it has a distinctly higher content of fatty acids and protein than its more commonly used cousin, the English walnut. This high concentration of omega-3's and unique organic compounds is what gives black walnut such a good nutritional profile. The high level of omega-3 fatty acids and beneficial compounds make black walnut vital for heart health.

Disclaimer: The above information is for your information only and is not meant to diagnose, cure or treat any health problem or to replace the advice of your health practitioner.

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