Sarah Mae XLG Dried Floral Herbal Bouquet

Laura Rhodes Naturals


A mixture of various dried herbs and flowers. A lovely addition to any home with colors of Pink, Blue, Purple, White/Cream, Yellow and Green. Pictured is a "Sample" of this dried floral bouquet. It was given to a friend as a going away gift. She made a request that I make her a dried floral bouquet and I named it after her.

Eucalyptus, Sunflower, roses, sunflowers Larkspur, globe amaranth, grains, and a variety seasonal dried herbs and flowers.

Wonderful natural decor for your living room for a nice year 'round decoration.

Please note: Each bouquet is made with materials I have on hand and will not be an exact duplicate of the items pictured. It will contain elements, materials, and colors similar to the pictures. Each one is made with loving care and creativity, to be a special addition to your home.

Each bouquet is different, and not exactly the same, but will be beautiful none the less!

X Large Size: Measures approx. 20 to 23 in tall and 17 to 18 in wide

Stems wrapped in jute and has jute hanger in back for hanging.


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