Dried Bunch Bundle Sweet Annie/Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia annua)*Primitive Home Decor

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This listing is for ONE bundle of Sweet Annie (Artemisia annua) that has been harvested from my garden, air dried, and ready for immediate shipment.

The Size: Your choice-

Small Bunch Meas. approx 14 tall by 5 in wide, 2 oz bunch
Medium Bunch Measures Approximately 16 in tall by 6 wide, 3 to 3.5 oz. bunch
Large Bunch Measures Approx. 19-22 inches tall by 8 to 10 inches wide, 3.5 to 4 oz bunch

About our Sweet Annie:
Sweet Annie is lush and green at time of harvest (Picture One). It must be dried to be able to be used for later for home decor and teas. We air dry it naturally by hanging. After it is ready, it becomes more brittle, and not pliable anymore as in its original state, as usual for dried herbs and flowers. It lightens in color and turns a more tannish color. We store it in a cool, dry environment away from heat, which is best for all dried herbs and flowers. It is pre bundled, ready for shipment to your home for all your home decor, decorating and herbal needs.

This dried aromatic herb bundle has a greenish yellowish tan color to it and is perfect for all you home décor, decorating needs and herbal (tea).

Sweet Annie is an amazing fragrance for dried crafts and arrangements, Sweet Annie holds its scent and lush, green color for a long time after drying. Its feathery, fern-like foliage is a beautiful compliment to wreathes and arrangements, and is often used to replace Baby's Breath as a filler. The plant's woody stem can also be used to create a frame for the actual wreath that its leaves and flowers can be used to decorate. This is such a long-loved fragrance that people once used this as a natural air freshener in homes and general stores, as well as kept it hanging in their pantries to repel bugs and scent their stored goods.

Also a natural pesticide and insect deterrent, plant Sweet Annie near your porch or patio and keep the gnats and other pests at bay all summer long. This easy to care for herb also has some medicinal qualities, found within its seeds and fragrant leaves.

Your herb bundle will be packaged with care with tissue paper.

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