Fresh Cut Floral Bouquet - Seasonal - Local Customers Only

Laura Rhodes Naturals

Get your Seasonal fresh Cut bouquets-whatever is in season, while they last! Flowers aren't just for pretty, but pack some amazing benefits for you and me! Such as...

*Flowers can help improve your mood: What an impact flowers can have when someone is gifted a beautiful bouquet to say "I care about you". Improved mood leads to improved health.

*Plants & flowers oxygenate the air which boosts brain cells, improving memory, clarity and concentration.

*Flowers and herbs from the garden can help you relax: Tending to plants and flowers can be good therapy to work through stress. The aroma of flowers can aid in relaxation and sooth the soul.

*Flowers can increase energy and can give you a mental boost: Having fresh flowers/plants in the home or your surroundings with their vibrant colors and scents and help your creative juices flow. 

The old adage to take time to smell the roses rings true. Your body and its well being will say a hearty "amen"!

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