DIY Fresh cut Winter 2023 wreath Kit | Seasonal Winter Decor

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This is a DIY Winter Wreath or Garland Kit for you to make. Pictured are the finished product of the wreath I made for a friend. Pictured wreath measures approx. 24 to 26 inches in diameter.

We will send you everything you will need for making your own Fresh Cut Seasonal Wreath with Directions and Supplies.

Pictured are samples of some of our Fresh Cut Seasonal wreaths and garlands that will make a Wonderful addition to your well decorated and cozy home!

Wonderful natural decor for your front door, or cool environment place for best display and longevity of decor. Wreaths and Garlands are Great for hanging on your door outdoors, Table decor, Special events, background props or photo shoots.

These wreaths/garlands Kits are made to order and are not an exact duplicate of the pictures, but made with what is on hand, season, and availability.

Keep in mind this is a fresh cut item and It is recommended to keep it in a place of no extreme temperatures, not a lot of sunlight, not a lot of heat. These items are seasonal and will be made and shipped in November, Dec., Jan. - Winter Cold Months. If you need them off season, contact me. You buy at your own risk in warmer weather months. All Sales Final.

Your choice of Wreath or Garland, materials and size:

Materials: Based on Season and Availability. Some materials that can be used Various Eucalyptus, Fir, Pine, Varigated or Regular Boxwood, Blue Ice Cypress, Floral and Dried Floral Accents.

*Please note: Wreath materials may be customized, please contact me to discuss your home decor needs. Wreath Comes with Simple Ribbon in White/Cream. If you would like for me to make one for you and you don't want to do it yourself, please contact me for possibilities!

~What our customers are saying:~

"I absolutely love my wreath!"

A. Miller, Amherst, VA.

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